Stone Canyon East

(For a complete list of restrictive covenants, refer to the Master Declaration)

Architectural Controls.  Lots 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 153, 159, 160, 165, 166, 171, 172, & 173 are subject to architectural controls.  Please see the Master Declaration for more details.

New Construction Required.  All residences, garages, and major structural buildings in excess of 200 square feet shall be of new construction (i.e., not brought in or pre-made from another location).  Mobile homes or manufactured housing for residential use is strictly prohibited.

Masonry Requirement.  The exterior walls of all homes, including, but not limited to, their related garage, shall be veneered with brick, stone or stucco (or comparable EFIS system) (if stucco is permitted by local law), PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that window dormers may be veneered with Hardiboard or its equivalent.

Permitted Materials for External Chimney.  The exterior walls of all chimneys shall be veneered with brick (or faux brick), stone (or faux stone), or stucco (or comparable EFIS system).  Use of Hardiboard, or its equivalent, is prohibited.

Permitted Materials for Retaining Walls.  All retaining walls shall be veneered with stone. Use of railroad ties or concrete products is prohibited.

Accessory Buildings.  All accessory buildings, defined as any structure on any such Lot which is not attached to a home, shall be veneered with substantially the same materials as those used for the home.

Garages.  Every home shall have a garage large enough to accommodate, under roof, a minimum of two (2) full-sized automobiles.  The garage must also (1) be of the same or substantially similar architectural design style as the home, (2) use the same or substantially similar materials as those used for the home, and (3) otherwise meet the requirements of the Town of Sunnyvale. Open carports are not permitted.  No garage door shall face the front of a home or street which is the Owner’s address (i.e., a home whose address is 123 Stone Canyon Drive MAY NOT have a garage which opens up to or faces Stone Canyon Drive).

Irrigation Systems. The front yards of each Lot shall be irrigated PRIOR TO the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.  The irrigation system shall be fully automatic and be designed by a licensed irrigator.

Fences.  No owner is required to erect a fence. However, if you decide to build a fence, the fence must be constructed of either wood, masonry products, wrought iron, or any combination of masonry product and wrought iron, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that all wood fences must be constructed in the following manner: (1) only cedar, treated hardwood, or other material approved in advance by the HOA shall be used (i.e., no pine wood); (2) all sides of the pickets and posts shall be sealed and stained (and regularly re-sealed and re-stained); (3) the style of the fence shall be “board-on-board” or other style approved in advance by the HOA; (4) the fence shall be regularly maintained; and (5) galvanized steel poles shall be used to support the fence at standard intervals on the interior of the fence.

In addition, any portion of a perimeter fence which abuts, or is erected adjacent to, open space, must be constructed of wrought iron materials. Any perimeter fence erected along following Lots shall use wrought iron materials:

the north and west sides of Lot 160;

the north and east sides of Lot 165;

the south and east sides of Lot 166;

the north and west sides of Lot 175; and

the south and west sides of Lot 176.

No fence may be erected between the front building line and the front property line, except for a security fence on top of any retaining wall (built in accordance with Town Code), so long as such fence is constructed with wrought iron materials.

In no event shall any perimeter fence be constructed in whole or in part with chain-link or barbed wire products. Fences shall not obstruct the flow of water in drainage easements.